About the Book

It’s not the crafty politician, intellectual dreamer, proselytizing evangelist or government insider who wrote this book. But rather the attentive American, tired of sitting idly by watching his country being weakened and torn apart in a bitter civil war waged between the America created by its Fathers and a 21st century imposter—America as re-created by their defiant children.

Passionate and concerned, Mike Marocchi is a voice of sanity in a world gone mad – championing the absolute necessity of merging our destructive political differences within our common spirituality; warning that the fog and confusion emanating from our battlefields has blinded us to the onrushing train.

This book is noticeably different from the rest of the pack that offer various diagnoses and curious cures for our supposed maladies. While suggesting many practical solutions to the nation’s problems, this work recognizes their root causes are of a spiritual nature and so breaks from the useless trend of throwing solely empirically based remedies at them.

During the research for this work, Mike “accidentally” stumbled upon a treasure trove of psychic materials dating back to the early part of the last century. Prophetic warnings so startling in their accuracy and teachings so profound in their wisdom that he “felt compelled” to not only weave them into his narrative, but ultimately rest his conclusions upon their strong, common sense foundation.

The more this “insider information” sinks in, so too does the reader’s awareness of humanity’s place and purpose within the scheme of creation: vital knowledge—because if you’ve no idea of your intended destination, you are not likely to get there!

For a people to exist and evolve constructively in freedom, peace and prosperity, they must have a reason for living that inspires and motivates them toward those ends; one that unites them in a common, yet noble way of life.

America’s founding ideals and the society born out of them proved this to be true. During her brief existence, she not only became the most free and prosperous nation ever, but also the most innovative. In a mere spec of time, historically speaking, she lifted civilization from ox carts to moon landings and from candlelight to lasers.

For one glorious season—with the purposes of mankind, God and country freely working in sync—dreams came to life, wonders manifested into substance, and the impossible was miraculously transformed into everyday realities.

Well, that bountiful summer has given way to the advent of a bleak autumn harvest and the portent of harsh winter. America is a hollow shell of her former self. The mesmerizing allure of her material wonders has allowed the opportunity for things created to get out ahead of the way of life that created them.

Nowhere has this proved to be more destructive than in the government domain where the institution has become master over those it was intended to serve. Originally the protector of individual liberty, it has morphed into a projector of its own power. This self-same government managed to free itself from the chains so wisely secured upon it by its creators, only to use the very same to shackle the nation’s spirit, thereby stifling the power of the supreme creative force responsible for its past greatness, thus condemning future generations to the inevitable mediocrity so common to all centrally controlled societies.

Head of the Serpent/Heart of the Lamb reveals the reasons why this has happened, unmasks the forces responsible, exposes their methods, demonstrates the danger of allowing this to go on unchecked and, finally, offers an array of out-of-the-box remedies.

It’s a message that “We the People” cannot afford to ignore. The Armageddon Express has already left the station.

We have two civilizations on a collision course: One frozen in time, brandishing all the primitive animal-like brutality of the 14th century; very soon to acquire weapons of mass death; led by a lunatic god; the other a society of great technological and material advancement—so much so, that it feels it no longer needs God.

Head of the Serpent/Heart of the Lamb’s mission is to restore what has been lost—a reason to believe. It strips away the old, accumulated layers of superstitions, intellectual conceit and power politics from the essentials of religion “so that men having learned to ignore its dogmas may exalt its Truth.”

Ultimately, it will not be the amount of fire power the various nations have managed to stockpile in their armories that will determine how time unfolds, but rather the power of faith stored in the hearts of men and women of character, courageous enough to stand and cast their Light upon the darkness.

In every set of circumstances or sequence of events, a moment arrives (and not by accident) where virtue can transmute evil into good. Such a moment is coming on a grand scale with far-reaching implications for both the future of mankind and for the direction of eternity.

That this age is ending is certain. Whether its passing is peaceful or suffers the violence of war and tribulation is not. Either way, its ashes will contain the stuff of a new beginning, presenting humanity with yet another chance.

That’s what humankind’s whole ages-long trek has been about. A “long and winding road” — “back to the garden.” All the struggles and sufferings, the victories and defeats, the joys and heartaches; inching mankind upward through billions of little choices; prodding, poking, challenging, but all the while teaching; preparation for another shot at the BIG CHOICE.

The intention here is not to instruct you on what to choose, but to clarify the choice so that you may decide wisely. For far too long the forces of disintegration have muddled our perceptions of good and evil, cloaking dark intentions with “purposes of light.” The perilous times just ahead will not afford us the luxury of being deceived again.

The epic question soon to be answered is whether we will doom ourselves to repeat yet another cycle such as the last or if we will prove by our actions that we have evolved to the point of graduation to a more glorious level of life.

How we fair will be up to each and all. We will succumb once again to the tantalizing musings of the Serpent’s head or finally embrace the love and law of the Lamb inscribed in our hearts by the hand of Providence so long ago?

If you feel that you can’t make a difference, you’re wrong! Please read this book and find out why you are the difference. Truly, “a little leaven can raise the whole loaf.”