Excerpts from Introduction

P. xxiv-xxv, xxviii-xxix

Like I said, this ain’t gonna be scholarly. I’m just a regular American, picking up the paper each morning on my way to work. And each day the inhumanity gets worse, the pain inflicted on innocent people becomes more wretched, more intolerable, and yet is tolerated. Why? Each day we grow slightly more immune to the madness, as the collective soul of mankind turns, almost imperceptibly, a little blacker and thus less free, less loving, less God-like.

This time evil has crept up, patiently building power, not in factories of stone and steel, but in the minds, hearts and souls of men and women.

Herein the web of wickedness will be unraveled to reveal the spinner’s hand. For be it the deterioration of the West, the insanity griping the Middle East or the legitimized inhumanity enslaving those in the Far East, at the core of it all lies one cause, one strategy, one overarching deterrent force, working toward one objective: destruction!

…we’ll be taking a track completely opposite from those who deal wickedness from on high, who misuse spiritual forces, who contort and despise truth and goodness; in short, those who have turned the world upside-down. We will stir the heart, not the head; awakening the ability to instinctively distinguish right from wrong. Only then will we be invulnerable to the scheming of unworthy men who manipulate our minds into abandoning our true natures, mesmerizing many into following them down the road to perdition and ruin.

Those who persevere in traversing the somewhat rocky terrain of these pages will be subliminally guided to knowledge of that fundamental something out of which everything emanates; toward a constructive use of that vital substance that even though hands cannot touch nor arms hold can be nevertheless steadfastly gathered unto the heart.

Taking into account that each of us exists at our own unique degree or level of awareness, the information herein is as rungs on a ladder; admittedly beginning out of necessity within the crude harshness of the mundane, political world, then moving steadily upward to a place from which the confusion of that world can be spontaneously sorted out and understood.

…This effort, eclectic in nature, will vary greatly in content, method, mood and intensity, and move from mainstream to extreme early and often.

But, if approached with an open mind and heart and if the reader is not too thin-skinned, this endeavor taken in totality may, in the end, do him or her, and thus our world, some good. This is the hope of my labor.


Excerpts from Chapter III: The Great Purpose In Action

P. 139, 149-150, 168-169, 138

Nothing is more damaging to our country than our dependence on foreign energy. Every time we fill our gas tanks, heat our homes or mold a piece of plastic, we donate to the Help Allah Excrete on America Fund. Our monies finance the enemies’ nefarious strategies that are bent on our ultimate destruction. This is nuts. Yet day after day, month after month, year after year, we pay for our demise on layaway. Hello?!

It’s time for a new Manhattan Project dedicated to finding a way of splitting our thick heads and unleashing the vast power of America’s energy resources, advanced technology and superior productivity. Know that the shortages killing our country are not of the resources extracted from the good earth, but those mined from the heart: will, faith, purpose and spirit.

These problems we face are the means through which we provide energy to our souls. The process of overcoming is how we fuel our “spiritual gas tanks.” Make no mistake we are sent here to do just that. We arrive with empty tanks of unlimited capacities marked “veracity,” “integrity,” “courage,” “sacrifice,” “honesty,” “love,” etc. Our job is to refine spiritual crude into useable fuels, filling our tanks with virtues capable of powering the development of both this
world and the next.

America needs an “American” party. A political party whose very name would be a constant reminder that its platform was not one of differing political responses to each separate dilemma, but rather a rock-solid, unwavering approach pledged to examine each issue under the light of our master standards as handed down by our Founding Fathers, one that only employs remedies in accordance with the original intent of those standards. A party with members dedicated to morally serve the people, not rob them; to exercise the people’s will, not willingly manipulate it; and, most important of all, to allow each American the freedom to follow his or her dreams, to succeed or fail his or her way in the pursuit of happiness, and not to set up government as the arbiter of those dreams and how they should be achieved.

Citizens aligned with such a party would be doing much to restore the soul of our nation to its government. And when asked about party affiliation — Hey, what are you, Republican or Democrat? — we can proudly answer, Neither, I am an American.


Excerpts from Chapter IV: Treasures for Heaven

P. 193, 194, 229, 270, 277, 293, 295, 296

“To eat or not to eat the apple?” That is the question man has faced since the beginning of time. It repeats over and over and is the not-too-obvious, but underlying conflict in each choice we make. By our current condition it is clear we’ve not only eaten the apple, we have made it into pie, fritters, candy, juice and turnovers.

Round and round it all goes in an endless dance. Man through exercise of his free will directs whether his individual moves will be in harmony with the music or not. God created. We make stuff out of what He created. Somewhere in the process lies our purpose for living, our lessons to be learned and the opportunity to grow spiritually.

You know, over the ages the Ten Commandments have been the foundation blocks upon which to build a just and wholesome society. This is especially true in America. Yet today those ideals are being chiseled out from under her by people who believe they have come up with a better remedy for what ails us, ironically not realizing that they are in fact what ails us.
We need good people, united in common purpose, laboring towards the noble objective of seeing that the dream of our Founders is brought to fruition. Instead we quarrel over ideas on how to best realize their dream. But that “how” should not even be in question. The Founding Fathers coupled with Christian teachings provided the answer to that how long ago. We have just lost sight of it. How do we rediscover it? How do we stay focused on it? And how do we live in the manner prescribed by our Founding Fathers?

These are the “how’s” that need addressing.

Just as God the Father opened a channel by way of His Son, enabling us to work through Him, lifting the Earth a little closer to Heaven, our Founding Fathers opened a channel by way of their sons, for Him to work through them, bringing a little bit of Heaven home to mankind.

The birth pangs of great cataclysmic events yet to come have already begun here in America. We see their manifestations in the intensifying war over her very soul and spirit expressed in battles debating the most basic of human issues, notably freedom of each individual and the sacredness of each human life.
The spiritual evolution of man or nation does not depend upon the discovery of some new fangled truths or suddenly realized faiths, but rather progresses as individuals develop deeper understandings of and become more faithfully devoted to The Truth.

Truth, with a capital T, is not meant to be conceptualized; it’s meant to be lived. It’s not man-conceived, but man-received — an inherent component of our humanity.

Bottom line: A heart steeped in Truth is not only the guardian of the soul, but also, when fueled with virtue, is the vehicle that carries the spirit home.